“My daughter had an amazing time shooting the modeling photos with John Nunes. John is a natural with children and invites tons of laugh and smiles. With the Disney music playing in the background and John’s kid-friendly personality, it was a total success. She speaks of John by name and can’t wait to have her pictures taken again by him. As a mother, I was so happy to see her enjoying herself. In the end the pictures were fantastic - a first class experience for both of us.”

- Dana Machado

"We appreciate the time that you took with Deva's photo session. You made her feel very comfortable with all of the different sets and poses. We are THRILLED with what we've seen so far and can't wait until we get ALL of the images in our hands! Again, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Deva's outdoor session was FABULOUS and I absolutely LOVE the bleacher shots of her in the cheer uniform. Thank you so much for taking the best portraits of her!!"

Tena Hanford

Brianna Harmon
I would make a great Senior Model and promoter of Seniors by John Nunes Photography because I have many friends at school and in different groups and activities that would listen to me as I advertise the programs. I think most people know who John Nunes is in our community and just need someone like me to lead them to his great photography - like all of my friends who will need senior portraits this fall. I worked with John Nunes the past two years when he took the excellent photos for Suzanne's Dance School. John took my older brother's great senior portraits years ago too. John Nunes is a well-known photographer whose work I enjoy. I love to look at the photos on his web site in our yearbooks. I think I would be a great Senior Model!


Margaret Nunes (riley1213@hotmail.com) commented on "Senior Kick Off Party!" on April 9th, 2011

I love all my pictures!! I am SO glad I decides to go to John for my pictures, I couldn't be happier! The quality is so much better than other places I've been to and it was so much fun! I just wanted to say Thank You!

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Megan Matthias  commented on  July 16th, 2013

I had a fantastic time shooting my pictures! Everyone at John Nunes Photography is great to work with & the quality of the pictures couldn't be any better. I'm very happy with the results of my pictures & couldn't have picked a better place to get them done at! Thank you!

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